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“EP” by Cuntroaches (cassette)

2017 has been a year of years for underground/experimental music. Seriously, it has been amazing. But I wanted to go back to a release that has been one of my constants throughout the year, the second cassette “EP” release by Cuntroaches. These wonderful denizens of Berlin unleashed this sharp jab of tape early this year, and it is a true marvel. Now, it has become common currency in extreme music to use the term ‘brutal’ to describe what you are listening to, and with more than enough actual brutality taking place in our flyblown world, I will leave that word alone for this review. What Cuntroaches have brought forth on this tape are slices of raw, unadulterated, beatified noise. “Fraud” scared the living devil out of me with its rough-hewn bass blasts from Suckles and Martina’s shattered vocals tailing out in drenching hails of feedback. Love it. The skull-popping drag of “Short Fuse” dials down the tempo but ratchets the tension, Martina’s flaying vocals still whipping through your nerve endings all the while. Drummer relentlessness is always something I can throw my full support behind, and the blessed Claire obliges repeatedly. The eruptive “Pig Woman” swings in blissful derangement, grinding away incisor-like. Sweet surrender never sounded so good. There are almost no words for the raging solar force at work on the climactic one-two shots of “Shit Show” and “Road Trip” suffice to say that after the 16 minutes and 34 seconds of this wholly righteous cassette have elapsed, you and your hearing will never be the same. That isn’t just hyperbole, that is just a fact of life.




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