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Cuntroaches interview

Cuntroaches are one of the best bands I have ever had the pleasure to discover in all my time as a music writer. Brutal, funny and fearless, their self-released cassette is my easily one of the best things I’ve heard in all of 2016. It was my eternal regret that I didn’t to get to see them on their recent UK tour, where by all accounts they terrorized and enthralled a new layer of fans in equal measure. As you will read in this excellent interview with the band, there is a lot more to come from this exceptional group in the very near future>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ctrlive

When did you first get together as a band?

Last year?

Where did the band name come from?

Martina’s heavy drinking. Now we’re stuck with it.

What is Berlin like as a city for making and playing the type of music you do? Is there is a vibrant scene there?

Berlin is fine: we give 2 out of 4 farts!

How happy are you with your cassette release, and what has been the response to it from those who’ve bought/heard it?

Very happy. We ran out of cassettes a few times and had to produce more, which was totally expected. We were surprised that a lot of hardcore music magazines wanted to review it! The folks that don’t get us are super supportive. Great comments on our sound, such as “broken vacuum cleaner,” etc. Get your ears flushed and ready for the new EP, COMING SOON!

How has the tour you’re on currently been going? Is there a network of venues across Europe that you can rely on as an underground group or have things become more difficult?

The UK tour in May was great! It rained every single day. We’ve built up a network of dedicated promoters through intense touring in the last years under different projects. Seriously, big shout out to all the losers organizing shows for yahoos like us!

What bands have you been playing with and which ones have stood out the most so far?

Anxiety, Leecher, Mr. Marcaille, PISS, Baton, Commiserations, Virgin Dad, Kaspar Hauser, Lugubrious Children, Fetus Christ, Hyäne, G.A.U., Härda Ut, Orden Mundial to name a few!

Your four track cassette is one of the harshest and noisiest I’ve heard in a long time. How did you record the tracks?

Thanks. We used a 16-channel digital sound card and whatever $5 microphones we could find in our rehearsal space the size of a box and full of garbage. The demo was mixed in Reaper by Suckles and mastered by a handsome Goth named SARIN.

What is the song-writing process for your band?

Martina presents a riff she’s hummed and recorded on her phone and we work on translating this mess into something even worse. Otherwise, we group-poop a song out together diarrhea-style: hard to explain the magic.



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