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Leecher: “I’m All Wet” (cassette)

Evolving out from the smouldering embers of the illustrious Glasgow band Divorce, Leecher are the new brutalist sound on the block. Their debut cassette “I’m All Wet” is a thorough, not to say ruthless introduction to their manifest strengths. The rib-shaking bass of VSO keeps the low-end fiends in check with “Bottomless Swamp”, propelling an inviolable wall of noise. “Night Sweats” is a febrile fever dream, compelling in its peak vs trough atavism. The gut-wrench vokills are a noxious touch of genius, spilling over the cassette’s content like an unshakeable virus. Vickie McDonald’s scything guitar wrenches and rejects rhythmic order, writhing over everything in defiant mood. The heavy-hitting continues with “Arboretum”, a grisly, growling blast of crawling ferocity. Its epic frame will put you out for the count like a punch to the temple. Finally, “Pubic Louse” brings this bilious collection to a close, a noise nugget comprised of pure viciousness and sweet stealth delivered with a manic grin. Limited to 100 copies. Avail yourself of one immediately – it is not be missed.


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