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Cuntroaches: “S/T” (cassette)

In the sphere of underground music, there are many surprises lurking, awaiting your discovery. The very latest of them is Cuntroaches, a visceral trio from Berlin whose debut cassette is one of the best underground releases of the year so far. Cuntroaches are Claire, David and Martina, three musicals tearaways with talent to burn – David Hantelius has a previous pedigree from his former band, the immortal BATALJ, and Cuntroaches are fast approaching their levels of viciousness. Four full-blooded tracks explode from within its agreeably analogue casing, each of them bitten off and spat out with thunderous aplomb. The fulminating blasts of “Scum Patrol” and “I Tell Ya” are a grievous sensory assaults, with searing feedback grafted on, mutating in real time. The fiery vocals are almost divorced from human form, reverbed within an inch of their lives. “Lumber Jane” careers to an intimidating end, and the monstrous “Hard Stool” is as devastatingly putrid as the title suggests. Transgressive and delirious, Cuntroaches are on tour in a country near you soon. Get with it, and buy this utterly feral tape while you can.

cuntroaches.bandcamp.com cuntroaches.tumblr.com cntroaches@gmail.comCuntroaches



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