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This came as a huge surprise: with the invaluable help of Rory Carr, an interview with Keiji Haino was secured during his visit to Dublin in 2001, and the finished piece ran in issue three of “SALT”. Imagine my amazement to see this issue featured in a trailer for the forthcoming Haino documentary! I hope I get the chance to see the film at some point:


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I chanced upon this mention of SALT on a blog called La Terrasse. Glad to see the latest issue is reaching people in its own way:

“The other good thing about Attic Records was a fanzine it had on sale (Salt, issue 10) whose cover boasted articles on Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Royal Trux. A nostalgic tug, again (‘I wish I had a thousand bucks…’), and another reminder that these connections have to involve the present somewhere along the line. All in all, a good haul.”

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